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The Cooperation Group (TCG) is a nonprofit organization growing local assets and economic capacity by developing sustainable, community-owned business controlled by the people who use their services.

TCG’s approach is to facilitate cooperative economic development that meets the expressed needs and aspirations of community members. TCG helps clients to realize their shared vision, creating cooperative opportunities to address:

  • Renewable energy development,
  • Affordable housing,
  • Community agriculture,
  • Food security,
  • Youth engagement,
  • Living wages and gainful employment,
  • Access to broadcast media ownership.

TCG provides feasibility analysis, technical training and organizational tools to help developing co-ops launch and succeed. TCG also provides cooperative educational opportunities to community groups and cooperative curriculum for specific audiences. Finally, TCG assists cooperatives to secure appropriate financing for business or housing development needs.


The Cooperation Group is a Michigan not-for-profit corporation and an official 501c3 charitable organization.