The Cooperation Group


B. Anthony Holley                         Lisa Stolarski                         Brian Donovan

Lisa Stolarski specializes in cooperative technical assistance and community economic development. Before coming to Detroit in 2013, Lisa worked as Executive Director for the National Cooperative Business Association’s domestic development program.  She also developed rural cooperatives in western Pennsylvania for Keystone Development Center. She has served on the boards of Cooperation Works! (National), the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (National), East End Food Co-op (Pittsburgh) and Mustard Tree Housing Cooperative (Detroit).  She was a founding member of Jane Street Housekeeping, a worker-owned cooperative. Lisa holds a Master’s in CED from Southern New Hampshire University and has helped to stabilize or launch 12 cooperatives and community-based enterprises throughout her career.

  • Worker, consumer and producer co-op technical assistance
  • Experience with cooperatives in the retail food, farm and service industries
  • Feasibility studies and business planning 
  • Cooperative education of members and managers 
  • Cooperative board training and strategic planning
  • Training for nonprofits in developing cooperative businesses


B. Anthony Holley is a community activist, organizer, and developer in the Detroit area.  Born and raised on the East Side, B. Anthony attended Detroit Public Schools becoming well-rounded in his academic capacity through the Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) program. After graduating from Hampton University School of Business B. Anthony returned to Detroit, the hometown he loves, where he devotes his time and talents to highlighting grassroots leadership, youth programs, and educational community forums.  As co-founder of Conscious Community Cooperative B. Anthony advocates for cooperative economics, local business, and emergency preparedness for local communities.  

  • Cooperative business education and youth engagement 
  • Applying cooperative methods to grass-roots urban concerns
  • Emergency preparation cooperatives
  • Facilitating the advancement of holistic health in Detroit
  • Cooperative marketing and events promotion
  • Regional cooperative business networking


Brian Donovan is the former Executive Director of the Austin Cooperative Business Association (ACBA), a regional cross-sector trade association for cooperatives. From 2005-2013 Brian managed the Univ. of Texas Inter-Cooperative Council, a student housing cooperative. Brian served on the board of NASCO Development Services for 8 years and the NASCO Board for two years. Presently he is Co-Director of The Cooperation Group, a non-profit cooperative development organization based in Detroit, Michigan. Before working in co-ops Brian worked for Apple as the manager of the Inside Sales team serving educational institutions. He also has experience working in politics in Texas including managing campaigns and organizing for ethics reform at the state level and for cooperatives at the local level. Brian recently assisted the Austin City Council in passing a resolution supporting cooperatives including $60,000 for starting and expanding the local cooperative economy.  He is currently a trustee of a revolving loan fund supporting housing cooperatives: the Kagawa Student Cooperative Reinvestment Fund at Shared Capital Cooperative.  

  • Cooperative movement and cross-sector infrastructure building
  • Educating, nonprofits, foundations and public officials about the advantages of cooperative economy
  • Cooperative management training and consulting
  • Cooperative housing development
  • Capitalization and finance of cooperative businesses


The Cooperation Group is a Michigan not-for-profit corporation and 501c3 charity.  Special thanks to Joint Cities Development Corporation for allowing us to operate under their fiscal sponsorship until we received tax exempt status from the IRS.