Meet our Partners


Soulardarity is a nonprofit membership cooperative installing solar street lights in the community of Highland Park after a DTE mass-repossession of lighting in 2011.  The Cooperation Group is helping Soulardarity to develop the co-op membership structure that will build local energy democracy through education, organizing and a community-driven approach to clean energy development. 


Readyo Radio is a video broadcasting group featuring information on urban preparation. Readyo Radio's Talk show format makes it a powerful platform for community leaders and  educators to share ideas, strategies, and projects related to self-sufficiency and mutual aid. The Cooperation Group is engaged helping Readyo Radio to become a worker owned co-op.

The Conscious Community Cooperative (C3 Enterprises) 

C3_Retreat.jpgis a collective promoting self-sufficiency and self-awareness through community education and mutual self-help.  The Cooperation Group and C3 will engage in an educational series in 2016 to explore the possibilities for co-op development emerging from C3 activities.  Future C3 programming will be designed to realize a series of C3 co-ops.  

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